Tomas Nyström is a Swedish electronic music artist based in Stockholm and has released singles on labels such as World Electric, Fabrique Musique, and Relax Beat.

His fascination with electronic music began early in the thin line that divides the 80s and the 90s. On one hand, it’s an obvious musical platform, anchoring his tunes in a nerve of acid house, computer games, early IDM and late synthpop. On the other, the lust of exploring ensures that the music is never retro or the same soup reboiled.

He has been involved a wide range of projects and styles, always with a keen sense of pop melodies. No matter if it was remixing 8bit tunes in The Dead Guys, drone ambient as Lv426 or whatever Paris Space Brain was, it has always been important to keep it fun. This is especially true when he DJs.

He is not short of skills on the turntables, but the heart of it is a love of music. Admit it, fun beats perfect anytime. With experience from playing the UK, Netherlands and Germany most of the sets have been in Sweden and particularly in his hometown Stockholm.

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